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LotR speedpaints by evelmiina

lovely speedpaints! they're so readable and refined that they actually looked like finished pieces to me. you captured the mood and the colors quite well in each (I especially love the one with frodo and sam) and love how the farther view has much abstract shapes. as for the faces I think you drew them spot on!

as for critique there's nothing really particular that bothers me, I think speedpaints are naturally "messy" and loose as long as it gets the idea across. but maybe you could add something atmospheric depth around the mountains in the bottom pic? something like this [link] other than that I'm fine. (sorry if I'm not much help! :( )

it's good you're trying out and testing you skills. I think you're doing great! <3
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evelmiina Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Thank you! Finished realism painting would be a real challenge though, that's where I definitely run into fact that at some point I always get really stuck with painting. I guess it's also a question of what I'm used to, in illustration type of things "long time" for drawing is over 10 hours, but making a finished painting would take, well, days. Hardest part is to trust in idea and that something is worth expressing, even if it takes lot of time and not being able to work non-stop.

In speedpainting I just like to paint out the color scheme, somehow just getting the colors right makes me happy, when I figure the color of light sources and how they reflect from different surfaces..

Last one would definitely be craziest to finish, so abstract shapes serve to give an idea of it, rather than showing the actual perspective. I really should do more perspective practice though. And you're right, it's missing some depth, I can see what you meant from the photo.
hyamei Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
you're welcome! I agree painting is a tough if your unsure if it'll work out in the end,
but I think your speedpainting will somewhat give you an advantage! blocking down the colors fast
and putting in smudges of color does help in the long run of finishing a painting (I get alot of happy accidents that way),
getting the rough idea of how you want your work to look and feel right away does add alot of fuel for motivation. :)
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